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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Beginning

Got some free time on my hands... Figured I could get this pony show on the road.

About five years ago, when I was 18 and still in highschool, I was dating this girl Selena. She was pretty out there and enjoyed a lot of dark, creepy things. She laughed at horror movies and got off on blood and gore. At the time, I thought nothing of it really. I kinda liked having such a strong, bad ass girl by my side. And then, things went downhill. She started becoming jumpy. I couldn't even touch her without her flinching away. Finally, I questioned her about it. The only thing she said was, "He comes". And then, the next day, she went missing.

Her body never turned up, but a month later, bags of organs were found strung up in the trees. They were identified as Selena Arden's. I attended her funeral a week later, what was left of her having been cremated and then buried.

Her words always bothered me back then. "He comes." Who was he? Why was he after her? After a while, I began to hate myself. Maybe I could have saved her, you know? Maybe I could have helped her, stopped whatever was after her, and save her... But I didn't. I just dismissed it as a joke and just like that, she was gone.

And then, I soon realized whatever it was that had gotten her, was coming after me. I saw him, it, that tall humanoid creature... It stood at the edge of the forest and watched me, but never made any move. I attempted to ignore it, thinking maybe it was just a joke. But everyday I would look out there and it would be there. I finally started seeing it around my school and work. When I graduated highschool, it was there by the trees.

One day, I decided to confront it. Grabbing a bat, I charged out there, screaming at the fucker to leave me alone. It seemed vaguely startled, even though I saw no emotion on that faceless head, and it took a step back before disappearing, right as I swung the bat. That earned more screaming, cussing, and flailing. Finally, I gave up and stalked inside, wondering if I was crazy.

I moved to Des Moine about a month after that, hoping whatever it was wouldn't follow me. For a while, I didn't see it. And then it showed up again, even more frequently. There was a park that I walked by every day and he was always there, standing by the swing set. I ignored him and went about my days. He didn't seem to want to harm me, so I figured what the hell, just let the freak be.

Curiosity, however, got the best of me. I began to search around the internet for 'tall, faceless creature in suit'. I didn't find anything. Closing the page, I felt highly unsatisfied. That was when something started tapping on my window. I turned to it and sure enough, the faceless creature was standing at it. It was so tall that it had to bend over to show it's 'face'. I swear, even though it had no eyes, that thing was staring at me. Freaking terrifying. I screamed in a not so dignified manor, jumped up, and bolted from the room. Things only got worse from there. There was a constant tapping at my window during the night and I now saw that thing not just outside, but also in most any of the building's I went to, besides my house. I began to get strange notes, some written in what looked like codes, others in scratchy letters. On almost every note there was a circle with an x through it, or some other strange symbol.

All in all, I got about five notes that whole year. The next year, 2007, was even worse. I got about ten notes and that frequency of my sightings tripled.

And then, when it turned to 2008, everything just kinda stopped. That was, until I met Dahlia McKinney. She ran into the coffee shop I worked out, frantic and looking for somewhere to hide. I, being the personable person I am, was sent to help her. I managed to sit her down in the back room and poured her a cup of coffee, hoping to soothe her, before I asked what was wrong. "That man followed me down the street!" she sobbed. That struck a nerve with me.

"What man?" I asked. "Is he still there?" She nodded and looked pointedly towards the window. Sure enough, tall and slender was standing there. I gasped and jumped up, exclaiming, "You see him too!"

She looked vaguely startled, and then regarded me suspiciously. "Wait, you know of him? He follows you too?" I nodded and nervously approached the window, before closing the blinds. Obviously, we wasn't too happy about that, because he started banging on the window then. I turned back to Dahlia and sat back down.

"He killed my girlfriend," I told her. It felt odd to say that, but I was so certain of it.

"He killed my friends," she responded quietly, staring at the window. With every thump my heart beat increased and my head spun. Finally, it stopped and we relaxed.

"I'm Dahlia, by the way," she said. I noted how soft spoken and shy she was.

"My name's Ryan," I said. We sat in akward silence then, until she got up and thanked me. We exchanged contact info, and I didn't see her for another month.

Alright, I'm gonna cut this off there, gotta go. He's at my window. Don't think he likes me posting this.

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