They're right in front of you, but sometimes it's too late to see them.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

i'm still here, i'm still here, i haven't forgotten you guys, just too caught up in my all my own shit. know i said i'd explain, i will.

chriss got worse. a lot worse. like, homicidally insane and shit. he got himself locked up, doped up, all sorts of shit. matt and i finally just got him back. we took him off the meds. he's getting better. i also got the journal. his journal, the one he was scribbling in furiously. i asked him about it, he has no idea about it, i haven't told him i found it. upload pictures later, in a hurry right now. matt's been in and out lately. he's been gone for two days now. he stays and goes, whatever, he'll be back soon.

pictures later.

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