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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What the hell's been going on?

Jesus Christ, it's the 16th already? Ugh. Thankfully this wasn't one of those "HOLY SHIT WHERE THE FUCK HAVE I BEEN FOR THE PAST X AMOUNT OF DAYS" moments. I just got all caught up in what was going on, trying to get info out of a barely-there Chriss, dealing with Matt losing his shit about me knowing something he doesn't, yadda yadda yadda. Plus, Monday was Valentines Day. Fucking worst holiday of the year. And yes, through all this I kept my job at the cafe. So work's been keepin' me kinda busy.

Anyways, I finally got Chriss in a semi-coherent state today. He's pretty fucked up - physically and mentally. Looks like he got beat to shit by a monster truck and then dragged across a battle field. He suffered a pretty bad blow to the temple, obvious by the super enormous fucking bruise, but when we took him to the hospital and they did a scan, there was no serious brain injury. He might suffer slight amnesia and they got him doped up on a lot of meds so that does not help AT FUCKING ALL. So, our conversation today, it went something like this:

Me: Hey Chriss, do you remember what the hell happened to you?

Chriss: There was a man... standing outside. -incoherent rambling and shuffling of the sheets as he looks around nervously- Tall, suit, bald...

Me: You know who this dude was?

Chriss: -nods-

Me: ...Well?

Chriss: -shakes head and mutters something about not wanting to say it-

Me: The name can't hurt you. What letter does it start with?

Chriss: A... an S.

Me: -pauses- ... Slenderman?

At that point he screamed at me not to say the name but was too weak to actually jump me for it, so he settled on pathetically glaring at me and scooting away, mumbling.

Me: Look, man, I said it, nothing happened. Slenderman, Slenderman, Slender-

A knock on the door made us both jump and Chriss screamed bloody murder. Matt charged in asking what the fuck was going on. That's when he lost it and yelled at me about knowing something about Chriss and what happened to him. I decided I'd wait till later, until it was necessary, to fill him in. He calmed down after a while and left somewhere. (No idea where, but he's been gone since five. Not that worried, though, because he's the type of guy to dissapear for a few days and pop back up.)

Anyways, after Matt left, I went back to Chriss only to see him writing something in a notebook. As soon as he saw me, he slammed it shut and refused to give it to me. He had the crazed look in his eyes that made my heart skip a beat. Even doped up on meds, this is not how Chriss would be. He's always been the rational type, a quick thinker, all A's in school. Whatever got him musta fucked him up good. I'm kinda scared. I'll try and get my hands on that damn notebook, one way or another. Chriss'll pass out eventually. I gotta get to it now, since Matt ain't here we got no cook, so I gotta hobble my ass out into the kitchen and make Chriss and I some damn food.

I also realized I never posted the rest of Dahlia and I's story... I'll admit, I've been avoiding it. I'm scared of bringing up the past. And now that Dahlia's gone... Fuck, man.

Well, better get to it.

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